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Here are all of the premium popcorn flavors you can choose from at Boodles of Popcorn. Our premium flavors are a carefully selected mixed blend that our customers love putting together. A little more work, so a little more money, but worth every penny! Go to Categories above to see our Premium Flavors.
We carry all the best popcorn flavors, including, kettle corn, caramel corn, chocolate popcorn, a large variety of savory flavors and candy popcorn, as well as several seasonal selections.
You will not regret choosing any of of these delicious flavor combinations that we have created especially for our customers!
Here you’ll find sweet, spicy, salty, flavors to meet everyone’s tastes. And all of our popcorn is just plain delicious-We make it fresh!
Pricing is based on the flavors and size of your order. Simply choose “select options” to see the pricing on the next page.

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