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Valentine's Day Popcorn

Our Valentine’s Day popcorn is a popular choice for your Sweetie. Valentine’s Day popcorn is a healthy alternative to chocolates and lets face it, there are a lot of popcorn lovers out there who would choose popcorn over chocolate any day!

Why Send Popcorn for Valentine’s Day?
  • Great Price for a lot of Popcorn-one tin has enough popcorn to share!
  • Something Different-anyone can send chocolate
  • Long Shelf Life-Our popcorn is made fresh, so they’ll be able to enjoy fresh popcorn for up to two months
  • Healthier Options-popcorn can be a healthier option than chocolate and candy

Boodles of Popcorn has years of experience delivering Valentine’s Day popcorn to a variety of locations in Canada and the USA. As a matter of fact, with all the gifts we’ve shipped over the years, there’s barely any places we haven’t shipped to.

Please see our shipping page for ship times to ensure your Valentine’s Day popcorn arrives in time.

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